The Roads and Infrastructure Division of Mokasco Express is one of the Main Contractors of Ashghal and a Class B Contractor as classified by the Ministry of Finance and Public Work Authority. The Division undertakes Civil and General Engineering works which includes the following:

Earthwork and Excavation

Earthwork is needed for the construction of foundations and trenches which includes excavation and backfilling of soil as per the requirements.  Excavation is the process of moving earth, rock, or other materials with sophisticated and specialised tools & equipment.  It includes earthwork, trenching, tunnelling, underground works etc.  Excavation has many important applications including environmental restoration, exploration, mining, and construction. Of all these, construction is one of the most common applications for excavation. Excavation is used in construction to create building foundations, reservoirs, and roads.

Being a full-service construction company, Mokasco is built to handle all your earthworks and excavation needs. Through a well-developed process, our team handles every project using strategic & systematic planning.  We customize our process to fit the structure of work required depending on the projects and no matter the project size, our team will execute every phase of the work.

Infrastructure Works

Infrastructure is the leading enabler of the economic growth of any country and its progress is measured by its interest in infrastructure.  It is the backbone on which all other major investment and projects contribute to the development and provide a healthy and safe environment for the society.

We, at Mokasco, has extensive capabilities and experience for the design, execution and delivery of multidisciplinary infrastructure works that comply to both local and international standards and specifications. These multidisciplinary works include both wet networks (Water Networks, Sewage Networks, Waste Water Networks) and dry networks (Communication Networks, Street Lighting etc.).  We offer our clients a solution driven service, centered on our highly skilled team, state of the art construction methods and world class commercial & technical expertise while maintaining the highest safety standards.

Grading, Levelling and Compaction Works

Grading is the process of reshaping and realigning the land at a construction site and refers to the act of ensuring a level base or getting a specific slope on the land. This is an integral part of site preparation, which needs to be done before construction begins.  It includes raising or lowering ground levels, adding or removing slopes or levelling the ground surface. In general, it has two main purpose, viz., creating proper drainage & preparing land to bear weight.  Apart from this, grading will vary depending on the requirements of each project.

Levelling and compaction consists of the process of backfilling and it is used to protect foundations, roadways, walkways and other structures by using a mixture of soil, rocks and stones.  In construction, levelling is extremely useful for developing structures. We, at Mokasco, use levelling to ensure that foundations are level and stable, which is critical for ensuring the safety and durability of the structure. Levelling is also used to determine the slope and grade of the land, which is important for planning drainage and preventing erosionCompaction is an essential part of the grading and excavating process because it is the component of the process that provides stabilization for the rest of the project.

Roads Construction

The New-age World demands high mobility and faster connections and the roads give us freedom and adds up to the standard of living.  Over the past few years, Qatar has witnessed a tremendous expansion in its road network and Mokasco takes pride to have the opportunity to successfully be a part of it and build several big and small roads with the highest quality.

With our technical expertise and experience, Mokasco is the ideal one-stop service provider delivering all road construction and civil engineering services under one roof.  Further our technically qualified team and state-of-the-art equipment and machinery guarantee that the projects meet the deadline.

Asphalt Laying

Asphalt is a sustainable material which is mainly used in the construction of highways, roads, parking spaces, residential driveways and paved surfaces. Asphalt is a building material which is made by combining coarse and medium grained aggregate material (crushed gravel, rocks, sand etc.) and a black sticky petroleum liquid bitumen used in the construction and maintenance of roads.

Being experts in asphalt laying, we at Mokasco use this sustainable solution to build and maintain the strongest roads and paved surfaces & structures in Qatar.  No matter the size or scope of your project, our professional team will work meticulously to complete it on time, within budget and exceeding your expectations. Whether you are in need of a new driveway or wanting to fix potholes in your parking lot, or needing to completely resurface long stretches of roads and highways, we are there for you.

Road Signage and Road Marking Works

Road safety is one of the most complicated and demanding challenges of today due to the dynamic and complex nature of road traffic and exponential increase in the number of vehicles.  Therefore, the traffic department has to formulate contemporary road safety strategies which are multidisciplinary and comprehensive.  Traffic control devices are an integral part of road infrastructure and among this road markings and road signs play an important role. In general, it provides road users with necessary information about the rules, warnings, obligations and other information related to the upcoming situations and road diversions and alignment.

Road signs are used to convey information to road users, to encourage road safety and to assist in traffic flow. There are order signs – which are prohibitive, warning signs – which draw the driver’s attention about possible hazards ahead, direction signs – which show how to reach a place, tourism signs – which direct visitors to a destination among others.

Road markings are also as important as road signs as they contribute to a safe driving environment. They convey the message to road users which might not be possible using upright road signs.

We, at Mokasco, comply with the Traffic Signs and Markings Regulations issued by the Traffic Department of Qatar.  They determine the design of the signs and where they can be used and whether they must be lit up at night.

Hard and Soft Landscaping Works

Landscapes stimulate a positive influence on every person’s mind and lifts the mood.  Moreover, they contribute significantly to a healthy living and enhance the quality of our life.

Mokasco provides both Hard and Soft Landscaping services which are aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful thereby enhancing the sense of wellbeing.

Hard landscaping means any large elements that are part of a major garden redesign and includes materials like ponds, rockeries, patios and fencing.  Soft landscaping refers to plants and all the other natural, decorative elements in the garden. It includes plants, hedges and turf.

At Mokasco, we have the best and cost-effective landscaping solutions for beautifying your premises to luxuriant ones. We have serviced a host of companies to improve their exteriors with contemporary concepts designed by our experienced team of specialists, engineers and supervisors.

Civil Construction

With the right elements of expertise, experience and equipment, Mokasco is one of the leading Civil Construction Companies of Qatar and is capable of undertaking civil construction projects of all sizes with ease.

We have earned the distinction of being one of the Main Civil Contractors engaged in construction services for the Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL). Our team is qualified and committed to delivering high-quality projects within budget and time using the latest technology and equipment available. Mokasco understands the importance of adhering to quality standards and industry regulations and we work professionally and tirelessly to ensure that our projects exceed the Client’s specifications and requirements.  Be it commercial, residential, government, industrial or mass housing community’s projects, we deliver complex civil construction projects with utmost efficiency and safety.

The Division is led by a team of experienced and qualified Professionals which include Engineers, Managers and other Technical Experts.  The Company’s goal is to reduce all the stresses and challenges involved within the construction industry by contributing, delivering, and supervising all projects so as to ensure a quality and timely execution.  Over the years, we have implemented latest technology in construction and proven our ability in successfully executing large projects.  Having built some high profile projects in Qatar that play an essential role at the heart of community, Mokasco Express takes pride in contributing to Qatar’s growing infrastructure.  Currently, the Division is focused mainly on Roads & Infrastructure works, with a growing list of clients that include Ashghal, Qatar Airways, Qatar Rail, Lusail Real Estate Development, Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, Kahramaa etc.

Being an ISO – Certified Company, Mokasco Express has implemented an integrated Quality, Health and Safety Management System to ensure quality in all aspects of its operations and to ensure the welfare of its workers and employees.  The Company is actively reinventing and improving itself to uphold its commitment to Customer Satisfaction and Engineering Excellence.  Keeping an eye on the rest of the world, Qatar’s Building and Infrastructure industry is witnessing a phenomenal growth both in terms of aesthetic and functional aspects of modern Building and Infrastructure. Our goal is to become major player in the future development of Qatar. With this vision in mind, we aim to become listed as one of the top Contractor’s in the Gulf region. Quality, Precision and speedy delivery of project is what we are best at.