Mokasco Express Rebar Factory is well equipped to fabricate the reinforcing steel bars which complies with the required standards and specifications of the awarded projects. Mokasco Express emphasizes on the quality and accuracy of the cut and bend operations as it is a vital factor in any project. All fabrications are carried out according to the precise project specifications. The key element for Cut and Bend quality assurance is on the organization personnel led by the Production Manager and Engineers. Attainment of project administrative quality requirements is the responsibility of all personnel throughout the process of cut and bend.

Quality Assurance for Administrative Procedures are as follows:

  • Review and approval of generated documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Invoices etc.
  • Control records and files
  • Adherence of fieldwork to the contractual specification, drawing, procedures and restrictions
  • Co-ordinating with the client needs
  • Control of technical requirements, bill of quantities, and requisitions.
  • Identifying requirements for sources of supplies.
  • Control of design and design change for all the quantity related items.
  • Control, review and distribution of contract drawings, specification and other documents
  • Establishment of a project reference, library of applicable codes and standards for use of project personnel.
  • Review of non conformances and resolutions of non conformances activities including corrective action measures.
  • Review the performance
  • Comprehensive and timely reporting to Management and the owner on the status of work, rate of progress and any potential impediments to completing the job as planned
  • Control of necessary orientations, trainings, qualifications and performance of field personnel.
  • Product monitoring and checking against customer orders & specifications.