Mokasco Express, Doha – Qatar, has established itself as one of the leading Construction Solutions Company in the region.  Founded in 1998, the Company is built around professional values and an uncompromising commitment to quality, integrity and service.  Headquartered in Small & Medium Industrial Zone, Doha, Mokasco has achieved extraordinary success and created new benchmarks of excellence within its diverse construction portfolio which includes Rebar Factory Division, General Trading & Building Materials Division, Roads & Infrastructure Division and Real Estate & Construction Division.

The Rebar & Steel Industries of Mokasco Express cuts and bends steel into various shapes & sizes for concrete formwork as per customer’s specifications & requirements.  The Division has 3 Production Facilities in Small & Medium Industrial Zone, Doha, and is one of the largest and fastest growing facility in Qatar.

The General Trading & Building Material Division trades in various Building Material Products for the construction industry which include Deformed Steel Bars, Wire Mesh, Timber, Plywood, Binding Wires, Black Annealed Wires etc.  We are Certified Distributor of Qatar Steel Company, Al Qataria for Production of Reinforcement Steel and Dextra Group.

The Roads and Infrastructure Division of Mokasco Express is a Class B Contractor as classified by the Ministry of Finance and Public Work Authority and undertakes Civil and General Engineering works which includes Earthwork and Excavation; Infrastructure Works; Grading, Levelling and Compaction Works; Roads Construction; Asphalt Laying; Road Signage and Road Marking Works; Hard and Soft Landscaping Works and Civil Construction.

Mokasco’s Real Estate & Development Division aims to be Qatar’s premier and One-Stop-Solution Provider in the Real Estate Sector by delivering an exclusive range of real estate offerings and turnkey services.  Be it Sales/Purchase/Leasing of Spaces in Residential & Commercial Building or Construction of Compound Villas, Commercial/Residential Buildings, Offices, Shops and Flats across Qatar, we are there to cater all your requirements.

Mokasco’s Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety Management Systems has been successfully audited in line with ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001 :2018 standards respectively and certified by ASCB (EUROPE) certification body.  With a well-structured Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy and Procedure in place, Mokasco has carved out a name for itself as a trusted and quality conscious organization, adopting the latest technologies and working techniques in all its activities.

Mokasco Express Divisions: