Mokasco Rebar Factory Products - Our State of the art technology for all steelworks used in reinforced concrete as follow:
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  • A. Deformed Steel Bars

    Mokasco can supply reinforced steel bars of upto 12m. length in bundles as per standard weight of Qatar Steel under strict adherence to Amercian & British standards.

    Designation Nominal
    Dia. (d)(mm)
    Cross Section Area (mm2)
    Unit Mass (kg/m) Maximum of
    Average Knot
    Space (mm)
    Height of Knot
    Min (mm) Max (mm)

    Width (mm)
    D8 8 50.27 0.395 5.6 0.3 0.6 3.14
    D10 10 78.54 0.617 7.0 0.4 0.8 3.9
    D12 12 113.1 0.888 8.4 0.5 1.0 4.7
    D14 14 153.9 1.21 9.8 0.6 1.2 5.5
    D16 16 201.1 1.58 11.2 0.7 1.4 6.3
    D18 18 254.5 2.00 12.6 0.8 1.6 7.1
    D20 20 314.2 2.47 14.0 1.0 2.0 7.9
    D22 22 380.1 2.98 15.4 1.1 2.2 8.6
    D25 25 490.9 3.85 17.5 1.3 2.6 9.8
    D28 28 615.8 4.83 19.6 1.4 2.8 11.0
    D30 30 706.9 5.55 21.0 1.5 3.0 11.8
    D32 32 804.2 6.31 22.4 1.6 3.2 12.6
    D36 36 1017.4 7.986 25.2 1.8 3.6 14.1
    D40 40 1256.6 9.864 28.0 2.0 4.0 15.7

  • B. Dextra Mechanical Rebar Splicing System

    1. Bartec®


    Bartec®system is the best "pound for pound" mechanical splice on the market, with a guaranteed "bar-break" performance under full tensile load.
    Bartec®offers the easiest way of connecting two bars that cannot be rotated thanks to its parallel thread that uses the same coupler for standard splices and position splices with a simple adjustment in the threading length on the reinforcing bar.

    2. Griptec®

    Griptec® system is the most accomplished mechanical splice on the market : its patented extrusion process includes a systematic, non-destructive tensile test that performs a 100% check on the bar end preparation.
    Moreover, the extrusion machine automatically adjusts its processing parameters when switching from one bar size to another, thereby greatly improving the productivity and reducing the risk of human error.

    3. Rolltec®

    Rolltec® system is a type 2 rolled-thread splice requiring only one single machine and one operator for the bar-end preparation process.
    Rolltec® offers the benefit of easily connecting two bars that cannot be rotated , by adjusting the threading length on the reinforcing bar and using the same coupler for standard splices and position splices.

    4. Unitec®

    Unitec® system is a universal on-site splicing system, that does not need any hydraulic power tool. A standard compressed air supply is sufficient to tighten the bolts and achieve the connection.
    It is ideal in situations where there is no bar end preparation facility to thread the bars and where it would be too cumbersome to handle a mobile hydraulic press.

    5. Repairgrip™

    Repairgrip™ system is an on-site splicing method using a sleeve that is swaged onto the ribs of the reinforcing bar by means of a mobile hydraulic press.
    It is ideal in situations where there is no bar end preparation facility to thread the bars.


    End anchors are anchor plates that are fixed at the end of reinforcing bars by the same means as used for the mechanical splices.
    They constitute a mechanical anchorage that is a convenient alternative to hooks in congested areas. They also save steel and, by avoiding the bending, they remove the risk of rebar embrittlement, especially on large diameters.
    They are available within Bartec®, Griptec® and Rolltec® splice range.


  • C. Steel Supply, Cut and Bend.

    Steel Supply, Cut and Bend.

    For the aim of uniformity in the scheduling, dimension, cutting and bending of steel reinforcement, Mokasco follows the British Standard BS8666 and the American Standard ACI 318 as required.

    MOKASCO EXPRESS REBAR FACTORY applies the following Standard Operation Procedures to make sure the quality aspect for our supply of reinforcing steel bars.

    I. Implementing Guidelines

    I.I. Receiving the rebar from the Manufacturer

     1.1.1.    Upon the receipt of the rebar bundles form the manufacturer, our staff visually inspects the bundles for straight alignment and proper tagging, and ensures that the required manufacturer's delivery notes and mill test certificates are provided and pertained to the same received rebar bundles.

    1.1.2.    The rebar bundles will then be unloaded and stocked properly using power lift equipments in our stacking area keeping the bundles straight aligned.

    1.1.3    The stocked reinforcing steel shall always be kept totally protected and covered by heavy duty water proof tarpaulin covers.

    1.1.4    No tag is allowed to be removed from any bundles in the storage area

    1.2 Fabrication of Rebar and Delivery :

    Mokasco Express emphasizes the quality and accuracy of cutting and bending operations as vitals factors to the project progress and ensure proper fit on site and perfect matching to the required standards, thus, following quality procedures are followed in the production process.

    1.2.1 All fabrication activities are carried out according to BS8666 : 2000 or to the specific project specification if exist. Lengths and shapes shall be as per the customer's approved order and BSS. 

    1.2.2. Bars are cut to the required length using the very accurate automated shear lines. Cast numbers for opened bundles arc immediately shifted to the cutting list for all cut bars.

    1.2.3.    Cut bars are bent using either the automatic bending machines based on the length, shape and size

    1.2.4.    Fabricated bars shall be group, bundled and properly tagged.

    1.2.5.    Fabricated rebar bundles will eventually be loaded and delivered according to the customer's schedule. They are place on the trailer properly ease the unloading process and to satisfy the secure transport and traffic regulations.

    1.3 Traceability:

    Mokasco should make a tag every bundle of steel laid down in its yard and to be cross-referenced with the Qatar Steel original received tags. This process will ease the traceability of each single bar from which certificated has been used.

    2.    Loading and Transportation

    The responsibilities of this department are to coordinated with the Production department and customers in respect to the delivery schedule submitted by the customers and organize the delivery of the processed steel to the site. Mokasco have their own trucks to be used for delivery and employs rented trucks when needed to make sure the delivery is on time.

    3.    Rebar Site Fixing Service

    Our well experienced and trained steel fixing team that is reliable, communicative and industrious. This team is united, cooperative and working harmoniously, with Project Managers and others people on the project in order to keep the schedule intact.

  • D. Wire Mesh

    Welded wire mesh is a steel reinforcement material in concrete. The mesh is used for replacing the traditional “cut & bend” and placing of steel thermo-mechanical treated bars. The mesh is an electric fusion welded prefabricated reinforcement consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at the required spacing. Machines are used to produce the mesh with precise dimensional control. The product results in considerable savings in time, labor and money.

    Our Welded Wire Mesh panels are made of superior quality welded wire, manufactured according to British Standard BS4483 as well as the American Standard ASTM A615 GR60. It’s electronically welded at every intersection. It enjoys the feature of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and weather resistance.


    Main Wire (mm)


    Cross Wire (mm)

    Wire Size
    Wire Size
    A10 10 200 393 10 200 393 6.16
    A9 9 200 318 9 200 318 4.99
    A8 8 200 252 8 200 252 3.95
    A7 7 200 193 7 200 193 3.02
    A6 6 200 142 6 200 142 2.22
    A5 5 200 98 5 200 98 1.54
    A4 4 200 63 4 200 63 0.99